Basket Weaving Service

Make Your Own Bamboo Tea Filter

Local, Traditional Weavers

Learn Ancient Lao Techniques

The NamKhan Project is located in Donkeo village, famous for its bamboo and basket weaving workshops. Our instructors have life-long experience working with bamboo and are fluent experts in the art of weaving. Join us today and create your own traditional Lao basket!

Experience Highlights

Make your own bamboo tea filter

Friendly and experienced traditional Lao teachers

Learn about some of the history of bamboo and what it’s used for

Afterwards, take a trip to Donkeo village and visit the famous workshops

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Service Details

Overview of Your Experience


$11 per person


8:30am to 10am

Meeting point

NamKhan Project reception


1 hour 30 minutes

Group size

1 minimum, 10 maximum


Workshop taught by an experienced Lao bamboo weaver and make your own tea filter to take home!

What to bring

Comfortable clothes, water bottle, and mosquito repellent

Traditional Laos Basket Weaving

The Donkeo village is famous for its bamboo weaving workshops and varied elaborate designs and patterns. Lao bamboo weaving goes back centuries. Bamboo is the most suitable material available for basketry, but other materials that may be used are rattan and hemp palm. You can now learn this ancient traditional technique with Ms. Suk or Ms. Tong, our local bamboo weaving instructors. Ms. Souk and Ms. Tong live on site at the NamKhan Project and will be happy to show you how to make your own bamboo tea filter during your bamboo basket workshop.

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