How We Got Our Start

The name ‘NamKhan’ comes from the words for ‘water’ and ‘craw’ in the Lao language, and it’s also the name of the river on which we are founded. It was chosen because of the importance of both water and the nearby river to the project’s success.

Paul Bauer and Francisca Llabres are the people behind the NamKhan Project(opens in a new tab). Both lovers of nature and Laos, they started their work on the project in 2016, purchasing 8 hectares of land along the NamKhan River. Because the space was formerly a teak plantation, both the soil and land upon which the property was built were severely damaged. Teak drains and poisons the land, and it took—and still takes—a lot of effort to make the soil suitable for farming.

The NamKhan Project(opens in a new tab) was not designed to be a purely commercial venture. There are many other places in the world where money could be invested with less work and better returns. However, Paul and Francisca chose Laos for its charm and the potential benefits to the surrounding community. Most of our staff come from the local village, and we take great care in our training and education. Our ultimate goal is for the NamKhan Project(opens in a new tab) to be a training center for both local residents and international guests alike.

While the NamKhan Project(opens in a new tab) describes the endeavour as a whole, NamKhan Experience is a subsidiary focusing on activities and excursions for the public. Currently, our property consists of the following facilities:

BBQ Huts

Beach & island

Beach volleyball & badminton

Botanical gardens


Horse stables & animal farm

Outdoor gym

Pétanque fields


Salt rock pool & waterfall


Plans for the Future

Starting in 2020, we hope to implement more workshops, courses, and yoga and mindfulness retreats. We’d also like to offer classes in permaculture, earthwork, lake and pond building, ecological farming, carpentry, and English. However, we will always be a family-friendly environment first, offering guests endless options for enjoying their time with us.

Come visit us at the NamKhan Project(opens in a new tab) to immerse yourself in an experience like none other.

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